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Facebook Artist's Page for Jud Turner


baby jud


I was born in Eugene, Oregon, November 17, 1969, and raised by the 2 incredible parents, who allowed my younger brother Ryan and I a lot of freedom to explore our interests. We were given early access to tools, materials and a lot of unsupervised time. We built forts, roller coasters, skateboard ramps, moats, tunnels, etc. But with this freedom came high expectations - a premium was placed on education and creativity when I was growing up. I have always drawn, painted, sculpted - tried to make some sort of tangible record of my experiences and impressions of the world around me. I received training in drawing and painting at the University of Oregon, under Professor Ron Graff and the late Professor Frank Okada, both renowned artists and educators. In the early 1990's, I transitioned to sculptural works as my main artistic output, focusing on direct welded steel work and found object assemblages.

Currently, I live and work in Eugene. My studio, The Oblivion Factory, is located in industrial west Eugene, Oregon. I live with several cats, rabbits, a mini-pig named Piggert (who goes to the studio with me every day). I spend as much time as possible welding, working, and laughing.

more info: "THE OBLVION FACTORY - some speculations on the work of Jud Turner" - by Jason Squamata