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"Blind Eye Sees All (No Secrets Anymore)" is a sculpture about
the illegal surveillance activities of the United States and the NSA

For a very limited time, 50 original mini-sculptures based on this master work are available,
and 1/3 of the proceeds will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation
to help protect our digital freedoms. Please see below for details"Blind Eye Sees All" - mixed media assemblage sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2014

"Blind Eye Sees All"
May 2014
32" diameter, 14" depth (wall hanging)
mixed media assemblage

In support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world, Jud Turner is creating a series of 50 original mini-sculptures based on his master work,
"Blind Eye Sees All".

Available for $300 USD each, 1/3 ($100) of each sale will be donated to EFF. Each sculpture will be a unique variation of the omnipresent and all seeing "Blind Eye" of government surveillance - a mixed media assemblage wall hanging of approx 6 inches x 6 inches, with a protruding lens/eye. Perfect to hang above your computer or anywhere else you'd like to be reminded that you are never truly alone in this electronic age of "security".

"Blind Eye Sees All" - mini sculpture 1 of 50 - Jud Turner, copyright 2014"Blind Eye Sees All" - mini sculpture 1 of 50,  Jud Turner, copyright 2014Blind Eye Sees All - mini sculpture 1 of 50 - Jud Turner, copyright 2014    
"Blind Eye Sees All" mini-sculpture series, 1 of 50 (6" x 6" x 6")

Turner's work usually costs many thousands of dollars and is exhibited all over the world - this is a rare opportunity for collectors to own an original sculpture and support a great cause, Electronic Frontier Foundation.
This series is limited to 50 sculptures, and each will include a signed Certificate of Authenticity,
and a Turner postcard and sticker.

$300 USD (plus $15 for insured shipping anywhere in the US) can be paid using PayPal:

Or you can email Turner's Studio directly to arrange payment by check or money order.
These links will be disabled once the series had closed.