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Dia de los Muertos memorial for Jordan Ferraro - meanings and symbols
Dia de los Muertos Memorial altar - for Jordan Ferraro (meanings and symbolism)

Traditional Colors and Symbols of Dia de los Muertos:

Black symbolizes the Prehispanic religions and the land of the dead
Purple symbolizes pain, suffering, grief and mourning
Pink symbolizes Celebration
Orange symbolizes the Sun
Red symbolizes the blood of Life
Yellow/Marigolds symbolize death and a trail for spirits to follow to the altar

1. A fimo bead made by Jordan in the 1990's - symbolizes his art making
2. yellow beads Jordans Mom gave him, which he gave to me as part of a necklace he made - symbolizes his generosity
3. Chess piece - Jordan and I used to play chess together
4. Skateboard - I cut up and used the parts from my last skateboard, which I rode with Jordan in the early 90's. Skateboarding and Art were our main connections.
5. Salt and Water - traditional element sybmolizing ongoing life; also symbolize the ocean, which Jordan loved
6. The number "52" - we considered this a magic number at the time - it appears everywhere
7. Flourish that symbolizes waves, ocean, surfing
8. The molecular structure of heroin, which ulimately took Jordan's life
9. Buddha medallion - symbolizing Jordan's ever-peaceful nature
10. Bike gear - Jordan rode a bike a lot when I knew him; never drove
11. Skulls symbolize death and rebirth in this tradition; Also, Jordan actually had a Dia de los Muertos skull tattooed on his bicep. I did not know that at the time I began this tribute to him.

Jordan - Costa Rica 2005

Jordan Lee Ferraro

February 27, 1970 - December 13, 2005