"Otso 2"

“Otso 2”

"Otso - Black Bear Skull"




"Mindfulness of the Mind"

“Mindfulness of the Mind”



Mycelia Cycle - welded steel sculpture of raven skull and mushrooms

“Mycelia Cycle”

"The Memory of Persistence"

“The Memory of Persistence”

"Buchis the Bull" - found object and welded steel sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2020

“Buchis the Bull”

Montoya Heart

Nod’s Afterworld Cruiser (and urn)


The Tulip Pusher

Lotus Eaters

Morte Concubitu

Tribute to the Concussed Skier

The Thirteenth Skull

Tribute to the Fallen Skater


Eat Your Veggies (so that one day the veggies may eat you)