"Magera - The Flaming Boar"

“Magera – The Flaming Boar”

Fire Pit made of welded steel, found objects 40"H x 75"L x 30"D  - Winter 2020 a collaboration between Jud Turner and Renee Mahni Available - $2400 - Contact for Purchase info

"Dakuwaqa - Fijian Shark God"


welded steel, found objects, chrome motorcycle parts 4.5'H x 9'W x 3.5'D Aug 2020 Installed in Longview, Washington - Winner of "People's Voice Award - 2022", permanent collection PRINTS AVAILABLE  

Selena Orlean the Fox - welded steel and found object sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2020

“Selena Orlean fox”

welded steel and found objects 32"H x 52"W x 14"D - May 2020 Private collection in Paris - Contact for information about commissions of new work

Cheshire Cat sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2020

“Cheshire Cat”

found object and welded steel sculpture, June 2020 2'H x 3'W x 18"D private collection VIDEO LINK NOTE: The Cheshire Cat contains a vial of ashes from my studio cat, Maggert, welded inside as the Heart. This sculpture miraculously survived the terrible Holiday Farm Fire that devastated much of

Cernunnos 1 - welded steel sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2019

“Cernunnos the Elk”

welded steel and found objects 40"H x 28"W x 12"D (wall hanging) Fall 2019 available - $2400, contact for purchase info



welded steel, found objects, LED eyes, wood/stone finished base 2016 - private collection



  70" x 48" x 30" Welded steel, bicycle parts, girder from Eugene's Civic Stadium fire.   Contact for Pricing & Availablity¬†