"Steam Plant 1"

“Steam Plant 1”

mixed media assemblage 24"H x 30"W x 4"D - 2023 private collection - contact for information about commissions or other available works



welded steel, recovered piano part, photograph, plexiglass Commissioned by a resident of McKenzie River valley whose family lost their home and heirloom piano in the Holiday Farm Fires of 2020 6'H x 5'W x 9"D - 2022

"Cacophony" - mixed media assemblage by Jud Turner, copyright 2020


mixed media assemblage 16"H x 14"W x4"D - February 2020 Available - $700 - contact for purchase


RoundUp Plus

  24" x 10" x 7" Mixed media assemblage (wall hanging)   Contact for Pricing & Availablity 


The Keys (Kiribati)

  35" x 61" x 8" - wall hanging mixed media assemblage (wood, plastic, steel, paint)   Contact for Pricing & Availablity 



36" x 48 " x 8" Found object assemblage, wood frame (wall hanging)   Contact for Pricing & Availablity 


The Certainty of Opposites

25" x 25" x 12" Recycled/found object assemblage (see an explanation of the process at bottom of this page)   Contact for Pricing & Availablity      Original materials used in "The Certainty of Opposites" "The Certainty of Opposites" was created for the "Object Afterlife Challenge", which is an annual event sponsored


The Nature of Commodity

  18" x 25" x 4" (wall hanging, frame not shown) Mixed media assemblage   Exhibited at "Objectophilia", as part of the Denver Biennial (June 30 - July 25, 2010)   Contact for Pricing & Availablity