"Quilmiakin" public art project for Wenatchee, Washington's Native People's Project. The completed sculpture will have Wenatchi Chief John Harmelt on horseback, and be installed in Memorial Park sometime in 2024 (the rider will be fabricated next, the horse is complete now). welded steel, found objects, life



Welded steel, found objects A symbol of Hope and Potential, installed at Alluvium in Eugene's Whiteaker Neighborhood 8'H x 7'W x 1'D - 2022

"Loki - Sockeye Salmon"

“Loki – Sockeye Salmon”

welded steel, recycled chrome, obsidian glass eyes 32"H x 65"W x 18'D Summer 2022 installed in Florence, Oregon's Old Town district, at Old Town Park on Bay Street available for $8000, contact Shirley Gray, City of Florence

"Naseem - Great Blue Heron"


Great Blue Heron - welded steel, found objects, chrome, glass 10'H x 4'W x 3'D - 2022 Owned by City of Eugene, installed at Downtown Riverfront Park Video of Naseem sculpture at studio



welded steel, recycled chrome 8'H x 14'W x 4'D.  - 2022 Commissioned by Travis Boersma, Owner of Dutch Bros Coffee



Viribus is a 14' tall welded steel sculpture, located in Blue River, Oregon. Created from scarp metal recovered after the Holiday Farm Fires of Fall 2020, Viribus is testament to the strength and resilience of the residents of the McKenzie River area, many of whom

"The Wishing Bench"

“The Wishing Bench”

A musical bench (bell can be hit with dual headed wishbone shaped mallet) created as part of a series for Tualitin Valley Creates Located in Forest Grove, OR at 21st and A Street welded steel, powder coated finish  7'H x 6'W x 2.5'D

"Dakuwaqa - Fijian Shark God"


welded steel, found objects, chrome motorcycle parts 4.5'H x 9'W x 3.5'D Aug 2020 Installed in Longview, Washington - Winner of "People's Voice Award - 2022", permanent collection PRINTS AVAILABLE