“The Thinking Tree”

Tasting Room at Thinking Tree Spirits

16’H x 26’W x 20’D – Welded Steel, found objects, glass, LED lights
Eugene, Oregon – 2016


Thinking Tree Spirits is in Eugene’s historic Whiteaker neighborhood and is housed in an old auto repair shop from the 1930s. Their resident Owl keeps a watchful eye on the farm-to-flask distillery operation which can be viewed from the Tasting Room. In keeping with the spirit of the building (1930’s era auto repair shop), the Owl’s breastplate is the accelerator pedal from a Model A Ford from the era. The Owl’s eyes are small crystal balls, backlit by cobalt blue LED lights, which can be turned on/off using one of the faucets handles on the tree trunk. The trunk of The Thinking Tree resembles an old-style still and has multiple interactive elements for Tasting Room customers to interact with. The trunk of the Thinking Tree also contains an old “knothole”, the inside of which displays 300+ rotating images of the building/distilling processes that created Thinking Tree Spirits. The owners of Thinking Tree Spirits make some amazing cocktails and artisan spirits, and I encourage you to come visit the Tree if you are in Eugene! Please Email for Availability and Pricing of this sculpture or other work