Artifacts from Oblivion Book

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Jud Turner is a renowned sculptor whose work is in public and private collections around the world. His art has been featured in hundreds of exhibitions, winning multiple awards. Using a wide variety of materials, recycled and repurposed, he creates art which is both visually engaging and thought provoking. Turner’s sculptures draw the viewer into a process of discovery and intrigue, giving unique perspectives on seemingly familiar subject matter. “Artifacts from Oblivion” is a collection of over 100 sculptures from 25 years of his work, and includes essays and an interview with the sculptor. 108 pages, hardcover book.

3 reviews for Artifacts from Oblivion Book

  1. Anne Turner

    It’s exciting to see the tremendous variety of subject matter and artistic techniques over his years of work as an artist.

  2. Ryan

    This is a quarter century peep into the bright (and sometimes dark) mind and skilled hands of an amazing artist. The detail and variety are both stunning.

  3. Keri Robertson (verified owner)

    This is more a review of the sculptures and work that Jud Turner puts out. His sculptures challenge the ideas of assemblage and materialism. The animals are fantastic yet realistic and the habitats are foreboding and yet sometimes inspiring. I am excited to be able to have many of his sculptures at my fingertips in this book!

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