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Building a Basic Sculpture
Minimum Session: 6 Hours
Price: $450 ($80 Per Additional Hour)

2 Person Building a Basic Sculpture
Minimum Session: 5 Hours
Price: $800 ($80 Per Additional Hour)


The Oblivion Factory
3923 Cross Street
(off Bertlesen and Roosevelt)


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P. 541-520-6210


Learn Metal Sculpting/Welding with Jud Turner and Renee Mahni at their studio, The Oblivion Factory

Master Sculptor Jud Turner and multi-media artist Renee Mahni are offering the opportunity to come learn how to weld and create unique metal art, in their west Eugene studio, “The Oblivion Factory”. Turner’s work is collected internationally, and he is a full time artist, who also has a strong interest in teaching and sharing his accumulated experience. Renee Mahni is a professional artist who works with steel, clay, glass and paint.


This is a very limited opportunity – because it is 1:1 instruction, there are only a few slots available in any month.


We provide 1:1 instruction, guidance and supervision in all aspects of designing and creating a sculpture that you are inspired to build. When using tools in our studio, we observe closely to help ensure safety and are ready to intervene quickly if needed. The most effective way to learn the use of these tools is a hands-on experience and direct individualized instruction in a safe and comfortable environment with support.


We spend a minimum of 6 hours (more if interested) in the studio planning the project, learning the safe use of the tools to weld and cut steel. Our instruction is individualized based on your experience with tools and interest level in your project: If you just want to play with a welder and learn the tools we would be happy to teach you; it’s exciting to break/cut/weld steel! However, if you have a fully formed sculpture idea and tool experience, but need access to studio space and technical support – we offer a space for you to work and are ready to advise if you request. We work with people who have all levels of experience!


We are excited to help you in the creation of your very own sculptural concept!


  • All tools, safety equipment and basic steel materials are provided and a studio tour to answer any questions. We have high-end tools + equipment, including a fume extractor.
  • We offer a variety of stock steel and found objects for you to choose from. If a sculpture requires a large quantity of materials, it can be provided at an additional cost.
  • During the 6 hour session we can easily help you design, build and finish an original sculpture that is table-top-sized (2’ W, L, D)
  • Delicious snacks are provided since building sculptures is hard work! We offer a garden, BBQ grill and a quiet sitting area for breaks.
  • Meet our studio companions, “Piggert” (6 Yrs. Old) and “Boris” (9 Months Old). A sweet pair of entertaining mini-pigs that are with us almost all the time. Pictures Below! ↓
  • Photo documentation. Action shots of you using the tools, as well as images of the finished sculpture. Great Facebook profile pictures – lots of fire and sparks!


“Jud has a way of making you feel completely comfortable that your preteen is wielding a welding torch. As the manager of a Lane Arts Council program that paired middle-schoolers with professional artists, I watched Jud empower students to develop a new skill, and maybe above all, a confidence in themselves. Students created life-sized jaguars, dragons, furniture and more under Jud’s careful guidance. I cannot recommend a better artist or teacher to inspire people of any age to spark their creativity.” – Lauren Suveges, former coordinator at Lane Arts Council


Jud Turner has over 25 years of professional experience creating sculpture, welding steel and maintaining a professional art studio as well as 20 years of previous experience teaching life skills to individuals with developmental disabilities. His artwork is collected internationally, has won numerous awards and has been represented by Woolff Gallery (London) for 10 years.


With the in-depth knowledge of his craft and eagerness to help others, Jud taught professionally through Lane Arts Council’s Apprenticeship Program and provides private lessons. He has been honored to teach over 100 people to weld, including kids as young as 8 years old and individuals with significant disabilities.


Over the years of teaching and connecting he is skilled in addressing his student’s needs and desires with patience and encouragement.
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Renee Mahni has been an artist her whole life, and worked in many mediums, in a variety of settings. She created tiki sculptures with chainsaws in Hawaii, led a drawing workshop in Portugal, worked with ceramics and stained glass in Texas, and now creates welded steel sculptures in the studio she shares with Jud.


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