The Oblivion Factory



3923 Cross St., Eugene, OR 97405 (541.520.6210)


The Oblivion Factory is the sculpture studio for Jud Turner and his wife, Renee Mahni. Located in west Eugene’s industrial zone, it’s where they build welded steel sculptures from recycled materials and repurposed consumer goods. The 1700 sq foot studio is a fully equipped welding shop with state of the art tools and safety equipment, and also houses a meditation room. There is a garden and yard space where the two studio pigs, Piggert and Boris spend time when the artists are working. The studio is open for visitors by appointment, and is also the classroom for the individualized instruction offered through their Sparks of Imagination workshops.




Master Sculptor Jud Turner and multi-media artist Renee Mahni are offering the opportunity to come learn 1:1 how to weld and create unique metal art, in their west Eugene studio, “The Oblivion Factory”. Turner’s work is collected internationally, and he is a full time artist, who also has a strong interest in teaching and sharing his accumulated experience. Renee Mahni is a professional artist who works with steel, clay, glass and paint.


This is a very limited opportunity – because it is 1:1 instruction, there are only a few slots available in any month.



Boris and Piggert are potbellied mini-pigs who live with the artists, both at their residence and at The Oblivion Factory. Boris is the younger (2 years old) pink pig, and Piggert is the black one (8 years old). They are a bonded pair and are always together. Pigs are extremely intelligent, and an important part of the productive life of The Oblivion Factory!